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Emotional Design
In his afternoon workshop at UX London, Aarron Walter shares how to design products that evoke positive emotions in the user. Man vs machine Industrial Revolution was a massive change for our species, started in UK Core theme was man vs machine Before, things were hard to come by – books, clothes, household items etc […] Read more – ‘Emotional Design’.
User focus groups in developing nations
In her talk at UX London, Nokia’s UX Research Lead, Younghee Jung discusses some unconventional ways her team have approached focus groups in developing nations. Lots of departments need info from research Research can’t serve everyone. Not a crystal ball to predict customer behaviour At Nokia, the demands of different departments meant user focus groups […] Read more – ‘User focus groups in developing nations’.
Redesigning for millions of users
In his talk at UX London, Aarron Walter explains how MailChimp redesigned their interface from the ground up, despite having over 5 million users. When you redesign a system, often it’s the pro-users that suffer due to their muscle memory interactions MailChimp had technical debt dating back to 2001 There was also a shift in […] Read more – ‘Redesigning for millions of users’.

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