meEarly on at university, I quickly realised designing for interaction was my forte. Something about the relationship between human and machine caught my imagination – no doubt spurred by my love of Asimov novels – and I’ve since worked lovingly and obsessively at crafting intuitive and beautiful interfaces.

I call myself a User Experience Designer because it best defines what I do. That phase before Photoshop is opened and any code is written – research, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, testing – that’s the stuff that helps me make informed design decisions, which ultimately delivers an enjoyable experience. I think the best interfaces are those that are invisible, where the person feels like they’re engaging with a living, breathing thing, rather than boxes and words on a screen. Some call it human-to-human interaction – it’s an ideal, but it’s what I strive towards.


My first degree was a BSc in Multimedia Computing, and it’s where I caught the UX bug. Of course, back then it was known as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), but I can still remember the lesson where it all suddenly clicked. A few years later, I completed an MA in Digital Media Practice, which only strengthened my love for the profession.


I started out working for Yell as a graphic designer creating print advertising for a range of clients. I then joined a small e-commerce company, where I headed up a three-man web design team. I then accepted a job at Kingston University as a lead web/UX designer, where I was responsible for two faculty websites, and a plethora of microsites, landing pages and marketing assets.

After three years I left my job at the university and ventured out as a freelance UX Designer, where I helped small businesses improve their websites. I quickly went on to co-found Tribus Creative, a small, boutique web design and marketing agency, where I lead a small team of designers, developers and marketers, servicing clients in the UK, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

In January 2014, I left Tribus Creative in the trusted hands of my colleagues and joined the Customer Engagement team at TUI Marine, where we’ve got an exciting roadmap ahead of us, including responsive websites and iOS/Android apps.


Outside of work I’m a keen runner, having completed the 2013 London Marathon with a time of 5 hours 45 mins 9 seconds. Not the best time, but certainly not the worst. I’m also a big fan of sci-fi novels, Pixar movies, and Arabic tea.