by Shareef Ayyad. Average Reading Time: about a minute.


The Grand Visual website posed some interesting challenges due to their market position and service offering. The digital production company are engaged to produce activity for campaigns by creative agencies, media owners, and brands, and their work often goes uncredited in the accompanying media coverage.


This was a compelling reason to push their case studies front and centre on the home page to show their audience the work they are doing and the brands and agencies who depend on them.


I’m particularly proud of the case study filter, which acts as both taxonomy and informative website copy. Many users arrive on the website wanting to see a particular campaign, and they may know the brand’s name, or the type of technology used. The filter allows them to zero in on relevant case studies by using a fill the blank process.


Another interesting element to this project was that the majority of user personas are very knowledgeable about the advertising sector, but most of them are unaware of where Grand Visual fits in. The front page filter answers this, as does their Services page.


Due to the number of options, it was a challenge to work the filter into the mobile layout. Several design iterations revealed that hiding the filter on page load was best, where a button can display the options when the users needs them.



An adaptive design ensures that the website content is viewable on tablets and smartphones without the need to zoom or pan with touch gestures. An icon menu is displayed on smartphones to give users one-click access to call the studio, find directions, and navigate the website.