How to show your brand values to your audience, like a pro

by Shareef Ayyad. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Chipotle, a well-known Mexican restaurant chain from North America, has served up a masterclass in brand storytelling, with an animation short that has since gone viral.

The video features a scarecrow who works for a large food corporation, one that claims to use fresh produce and free-range animals, but is in fact a giant assembly line of chemically altered factory food. During the video, the scarecrow becomes increasingly distraught at what he witnesses in the factory, which inspires him to pick his own fresh produce and prepare vegetable wraps to sell as a healthy alternative.

What is great about this video, and what makes it so effective, is how Chipotle takes a customer pain point – concerns about the quality and source of food – and demonstrates empathy with customers through the scarecrow character. They then reassure the audience by showing their understanding and commitment to locally sourced and responsibly produced food.

The video doubles up as a trailer for their new mobile game, where the scarecrow must rescue the town from the food corporation. Chipotle has invested well in producing the video and game, as they serve to reinforce their brand values so customers associate their restaurant chain with good quality, fresh, and responsible food.