Promoting deals based on previous searches, user interests and gift lists

by Shareef Ayyad. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

I found another improvement that can be made to eBay’s Daily Deals section, to go along with the improved search bar discussed in my last post – personalised deals.

Currently, the deals hub is the same regardless of whether the user is logged in or not. There’s a great opportunity for personalising deal suggestions based on recent searches, user interests and gift lists, as it will mean relevant products are being marketed to users, therefore improving the likeliness of a sale.

So let’s imagine a scenario. In the last month, a user, Jill, has searched for both laptops and women’s winter boots, but has not purchased anything. She has also added ‘indoor lighting’ to her Interests Feed. Currently, eBay’s Daily Deals is a static collection of deals, meaning the same offers are presented to logged-in users and anonymous visitors. There is an opportunity here to use data on browsing behaviour and user interests to personalise deal suggestions.

What that might look like

A persistent ‘personalised deal status’ should be visible at the top left, beside the username, to give users quick access to deal suggestions. The orange number indicates how many new/un-viewed suggestions are available.


By hovering over the status, a mega drop down should display the suggested deals with their corresponding savings. In our scenario, a Fujitsu laptop, Rocket Dog boots, and a Plasma ball lamp is suggested as Jill’s deals of interest.

After approximately three seconds, the orange number should fade away to indicate that all suggestions have been viewed. There will always be many deal suggestions for users, but a new orange number shouldn’t be re-displayed too soon to give a sense of exclusivity.


The ‘personalised deal status’ should be located in the website’s prime real estate (top left of page) and because the orange number will update intermittently, it will repeatedly drive users back to the Deals hub, regardless of where they are on the eBay website.