Remaining perpetually creative

by Shareef Ayyad. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

In his talk at UX London, Pete Smart explains how he trained himself to remain creative by solving 50 problems in 50 days, and redesigning the airline boarding pass.

  • Advocates thinking disruptively
  • Spent over 80 hours in air in 2 months, solving 50 problems in 50 days
  • Challenge to remain perpetually creative

Boarding pass redesign

  • He redesigned the airplane boarding pass during a 9 hour flight
  • Felt the boarding pass design was a mess. It needed to communicate quickly what the passenger’s next steps are at airport
  • Key user groups: passengers, airline staff, machines
  • Key limitations: information, format, printing

The result

  • Pass that fits neatly inside passport without bending
  • Pass extends from top of passport to show important info at a glance: gate, flight number
  • When posted online, struck a chord with all people, especially outside of design world
  • Everyone started lobbying airline companies, who eventually reached out

Key takeaways

  • You can harness creativity like a muscle
  1. Stretch: get outside your comfort zone
  2. Eat well: gather the right information to feed your design solutions
  3. Rest: measure and reflect