One of Shareef’s great strengths is his ability to be both analytical and creative at the same time. He can put his mind into that of the user, considering the full range of their needs, then apply that creative thinking to logical navigation structures, information hierarchies, and user journeys.

Uppermost in his mind is the desire to make every web experience fluid, intuitive and pleasurable – a goal he has achieved countless times. He is fully aware of the need to balance business goals with user needs, and is adept at working within tight constraints.

– Nick Irons, Creative Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Shareef on a variety of digital and branding projects over the last couple of years and would certainly recommend him as a great UX designer and all-round production director. He has always provided me with clear and concise briefs and wireframes and offered technical or practical support whenever needed.

However, he offers much more than this to any project, taking a logical (and sometimes lateral) approach to problem solving that has helped move the creative work forward. He is approachable and committed to finding the best solution for the client.

– Darren Howat, Art Director

I’ve worked with Shareef on a number of web projects. His pre-build work on user journeys and wireframes have always made my job that little bit easier. He has great attention to detail, and considers every problem thoroughly.

– Ian Pridham, Senior Developer

Shareef is an experienced UX professional that I have had the privilege to work for. He truly understands how to balance business objectives with design solutions and user needs, and has a great eye for detail.

– Jack Muliadi, Junior UX Designer