by Shareef Ayyad. Average Reading Time: less than a minute.

TUI Marine is the leading marine leisure and tourism business in the world, with a global reach spanning five continents. Their five brands provide luxury yacht charter and boating holidays in the most beautiful islands and coasts that exist, and to their customers the brands are synonymous with experience, expertise and excellence – three characteristics that were important to bring through in the website design.


With a great library of stunning photography, there was an opportunity to pare back the amount of text on the site and let the imagery do the talking. Full bleed photographs were overlaid with big, bold headline text to deliver messages with impact.

To differentiate from competitors, parallax scrolling was used to give the website a feeling of depth – content layers glide over deeper photo layers at a different speed.

Filtering will fade in and out the brand logos to show the audience how many sectors TUI Marine participates in. Selecting a brand will activate another layer of content for users to learn more.