Helping align product roadmaps to the problems and opportunities of delivering value-based care in the US healthcare system

Service design case study

Problem: There were gaps in the Product team’s knowledge about how US clinicians were delivering care to patients, including the tools and systems they use and their clinical processes
My Role: Service design consultant
My approach: Depth interviews with clinicians and clinical operations. Reviewing existing research
Deliverables: 1x clinical process map, 1x end-to-end experience map, 1x problem/opportunity map
Users: 7x clinicians, 2x clinical operations executives
Results: Clarity on how value-based care was being delivered and what problems and opportunities should be added to product roadmaps for the next four quarters


Babylon is a virtual healthcare service providing patients with doctor and nurse consultations over video calls using an iOS or Android app. The company was founded in the UK but has entered the US market in recent years, specifically working in the value-based care healthcare model.


As the service design consultant I helped the whole product team with the following objectives:

  • Better understand the end-to-end clinician experience
  • Understand the ecosystem of tools that they use to perform their day-to-day tasks
  • Understand the problems and opportunities that clinicians are currently facing when doing their job
  • Update product roadmaps to tackle the highest value items

My contribution

In the interest of working lean, I started with desk research where I explored previous research and existing documentation that others had done in the business which gave me a patchy understanding of the problem space. This showed that as product org we had a good understanding of how our doctors and nurses were delivering consultations for acute illnesses, but our biggest gaps in knowledge was how we deliver value-based care for complex patients (e.g. diabetes, obesity, depression etc).

This led me to run seven depth interviews with nurses and doctors where we explored how they deliver Complex Care Management (CCM), which is their clinical pathways for high risk patients. These sessions were part interview and part mapping exercise and produced a clicial process map.

How clinicians delivery complex care management

I next interviewed two members of the clinical operations team to learn about population health management, which is the process of looking at quantities of patients and dividing them into segments and cohorts based on different criteria. These cohorts were used to identify care gaps in patients that needed to be contacted for care and also defined how Babylon would resource their clinicians downstream.

Clinical experience map for US healthcare

I decided to create a second experience map that was a higher altitude (lower level of detail) to show the entire value-based care service.

Service stages, needs, activities and pain points

The first swim lane tells the story of the clinician experience including service stages, their top level needs, activities they are performing and any key pain points they are experiencing.

Clinical journey mapped against the patient journey

In the second swim lane the clinical journey tasks are broken down into more detail and mapped against the patient journey stages (pink).

Systems, tools and databases

The final swim lane showcases all the tools that are being used at each stage, as well as associated data integrations, api calls and databases involved.

Finally, to articulate all the problems and opportunities in higher detail I created a third artefact showing the clinician journey with a visualisation that shows clusters of positive (green) and negative (red) experiences moments.

Pain points and opportunities mapped against the clinician journey

Final thoughts

These artefacts brought clarity to how value-based care was being delivered in the organisation and what problems and opportunities clinicians were facing. This in turn allowed product teams to adapt their roadmaps for the next few quarters to ensure they were tackling the biggest value items

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