Stakeholder Canvas

I created this tool to help me consult with teams and understand their ways of working and map their value exchange. You’re welcome to use and improve it.

How does it work?

In a workshop setting you give everyone a canvas each and ask them to add bullet points for:

  1. what they’re responsible for
  2. what they need from others
  3. what they deliver to others
  4. any constraints they have in their role

You then ask them to indicate how well their needs are being delivered by placing a red, amber or green sticker against each.

You finish by asking each person to talk through their canvas to the group which hopefully helps facilitate a discussion about ways of working.

The canvas also works well in one-on-one stakeholder interviews.

What are its benefits?

  • It allows people to say what they do on a work stream in their own words. This sometimes uncovers gaps, misalignment and overlap which the team can work through.
  • It allows people to explain what they need from each other to do their job well, and give context to why they need it.
  • The red, amber and green stickers will allow you to see the mood of the group in a heatmap and highlight shared pain.
  • It helps them articulate the types of deliverables they produce
  • As a design consultant it gives you a helicopter view of a team at work allowing you to help them improve value exchange.

Download the Stakeholder Canvas

I welcome anyone to download the canvas and let me know how it helped them and what improvements you can suggest.

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