Why hire me?

Over 16 years of commercial experience

designing for brands in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, travel, telecoms, hospitality, charity, education and advertising.


Strong foundation of design thinking

that begins with framing and exploring the problem space, understanding customer needs, as well as business goals and technical feasibility.


Workshops and design sprints

to bring people together to solve problems with focus and pace. Anyone can be a designer if they are in the correct environment and guided through a creative process.



to help stakeholders understand customer needs, see the bigger picture and envision an idea or concept delivering value.


Business design, strategy and lean startup

because in order to create a customer experience that delivers value, you need the backstage processes and people to deliver it. And to get there you need hypotheses and lean ways to test them.


Design leadership, coaching and mentorship

to be that sounding board for senior practitioners and to guide junior designers through their development of hard and soft skills.


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